Southeast Montessori Collective


-Raleigh, NC 6/26/18- Southeast Montessori Collective forms to amplify work across region, inspire teachers to create policy

An organization has been created by lifelong Montessori supporters in hopes to bring together the policy work that several southeastern states are doing. Southeast Montessori Collective, known as SEMC, based in Raleigh, amplifies the Montessori work in twelve southeastern states. Its founders hope that accomplishments in one state will serve as inspiration and examples to the others.    For example, Montessori Alliance of Tennessee has created a Validation Project--a system for evaluating schools, and of communicating to prospective Tennessee parents and teachers which of these Montessori schools are authentic--and which ones are not.

“A system like the Tennessee Validation Project is powerful,” says Rachel Kincaid, SEMC founder. “It took a focused organization to create it, and now parents and prospective teachers alike can be assured of the quality of the validated schools. We want other states in the SEMC region to be able to adopt such projects. But first, they must know how.”

The work of SEMC is to bring together southeastern schools and to give them tools to do just that. To create validation projects for their state, or achieve recognition of the Montessori credential by the individual states’ departments of education such as what recently occurred in Georgia, is why SEMC was formed.

Kincaid continues, “Montessori is not a national brand; rather, it’s a method. Small, independent schools, charters and public Montessori schools all have challenges at the city and state level. Our work consists of communicating to other states the what, why and how.” SEMC hosts its first annual conference in August in Raleigh, and will be bringing in speakers from the various states to share their accomplishments and the message that all states can unify for policy work when they have the tools and the inspiration.

For more information, Rachel Kincaid can be contacted at and 919-744-8934