Rachel Kincaid

Rachel holds a Spanish

degree, a North Carolina

K-12 teaching license and

and an Early Childhood

Montessori certificate.  She

has served the Montessori

community as a school

co-founder, Early

Childhood Guide, a Head of School and currently manages a Spanish Montessori program for adult learners.  She is eager to work with other Montessori advocates in the southeast region.  ​ 

Contact Rachel at admin@SoutheastMontessoriCollective.org

Board Meeting Minutes

Feb 13, 2018

June 12, 2018

SEMC is currently seeking representatives from public and private programs of all age levels, and from each state in the Southeast

region to serve as Board Members.  Board members attend regular meetings in person or remotely, and lead or co-lead a committee.  

To apply for a Board member position, download the application below.

The next Board Meeting will be held in October, 2018.  To be added to the agenda, please contact us via the email address above.

Board Members

Southeast Montessori Collective

Christine Lowry

With a M.Ed. in special

education and a Montessori

credential, Christine founded

and directed two schools to

serve a diverse group of

learners -toddler-through

upper elem. She also has experience with policy and advocacy work and consulted with AMS, MPPI, MACTE, and has worked extensively with a number of state Montessori organizations. Christine is delighted to bring her 30+ years of experience to SEMC as a founding board member.  Contact Christine at admin@SoutheastMontessoriCollective.org

Amber Engel

Amber began at Nature’s Way

Montessori School in January

2008 . In college, she chose to

combine her love of ancient

history and scuba diving by

studying underwater archaeology.

Despite enjoying an interesting

career, she found her part-time work in education to be far more satisfying and sought a new professional path. She came across an ad for a Toddler Community Assistant at Nature’s Way and eagerly applied for the position. As a former Montessori student herself, Amber quickly discovered that she had found the right fit. In 2009, she moved into the Early Childhood Community and spent the following summer at the Houston Montessori Center. After a year’s internship, she received her credential. She became a lead guide in 2012 and transitioned into the Assistant Director role in 2018. Amber can no longer imagine doing anything except working in a school and is grateful for the privilege to work in such an enriching environment. In her free time, Amber enjoys going on a variety of adventures with her husband and two young children!    Contact Amber at admin@SoutheastMontessoriCollective.org